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Hello. Welcome to HealthJobs4U

So glad you’ve found us.

We’re HealthJobs4U, a dedicated and specialist job board.

We’ve been working in the recruitment industry pretty much our entire lives.

The team have been involved in all areas and aspects of recruitment, so we know how it goes.

We’re aware how difficult the industry is as a whole let alone how problematic the healthcare, dental care, nursing and social care sectors have become to recruit. We became all too familiar and tired of how many unsuitable or poor candidates would come through from generic generalist job board who “cover all bases”.


We have decided to do something about this and create a destination for those professionals to help find their dream jobs without being swamped with “I.T Analyst” & “Warehouse Operative” jobs.

Don’t get us wrong there is nothing wrong with those careers but the people you want to speak to do not want to have to wade through them to get to your jobs.

Employers do not want unsuitable applicants applying. You get that moment of excitement when you see an application email come through only to find they are not qualified and you have to hit delete.

Nightmare we know.


Unlike the big, inefficient generic job boards, we find some really innovative ways to get you the most suitable candidates on the market for your vacancies.

We have a no-nonsense team that get into the gritty work of putting all your content in the right places to make sure it is seen.

Over the last decade, HealthJobs4U has helped thousands of people find their dream jobs and equipped hundreds of employers with the talent and tools they need.

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