Nursery Manager

Company:  Global Social Care
Location: SE28 8PF
Salary: £31,000.00 + Including Benefits
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description

We are recruiting for a nursery manager in the SE28 8PF Area for Rising Stars Daycare of London

ROLE SUMMARY The holder of this post will be a person who is interested in working with children under 5 years and has a minimum of 2 years managing an Early Years setting. The post holder must be versatile and adaptable enough to develop and use a variety of skills and who is willing to work as part of an enthusiastic team committed to the care and development of children. She/ he will be expected to be committed to the Nursery’s philosophy of children’s learning, development and care and to maintain high standards of integrity, confidentiality and professional behaviour in her/ his approach to children and parents. The role of Nursery Manager is very wide and will vary from day-to-day, taking account of the individual post holder’s talents and aptitudes as well as the needs of the children.

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES · To be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Nursery · To take part in recruitment and to support a team of staff to meet statutory ratios and include contingency staffing where appropriate. · To provide a child-centred environment where children are cared for in a safe, caring and stimulating way that ensures their individual needs are met within a group setting. · To ensure the national standards for the registration of childcare are maintained at all times. · To implement the Nursery’s Equal Opportunities Policy in all aspects of the Nursery and other childcare services. · To take responsibility for quality assurance and compliance with all applicable legislation, including Health and Safety within the Nursery environment. · To work in partnership with the Early Years Department, local childcare/educational providers, health providers, Sure Start and other providers. · To establish and maintain effective working relationships with partner agencies providing services within the area. · To develop and review applicable policies and procedures and then to ensure that the Nursery operates within the framework set. · To establish and deliver an effective curriculum which includes assessment, planning and evaluation. · To ensure the implementation of the EYFS curriculum for all children 0-5 years. · To develop and maintain procedures for regular review and assessment of each child’s progress in partnership with parents. · To implement and manage an effective parent liaison programme, ensuring regular communication and interaction with parents. · To receive and deal with complaints positively in accordance with procedures. · To work as a senior member of the management team and to promote all activities being provided by the Nursery. · To be responsible for the management of nursery fees and all other financial management of the nursery with the Nursery Proprietor · To be responsible and manage the nursery 15 30 hours free government funding with the responsible Local Authority · To be responsible for marketing the Nursery through the development and implementation of marketing strategy which includes the promotion of Children’s Tax credits and other benefits available to parents. · To attend regular supervision, team meetings, and training as required by the Nursery Manager and Operations Director. · To participate in the appraisal and supervision process. Resource Management · To achieve the targets set for occupancy levels by managing capacity, reviewing numbers of children attending and following up enquires promptly to ensure maximum capacity levels are maintained at all times. · To manage an allocated budget in accordance with agreed procedures. · To produce quarterly and annual finance reports for the Nursery Board. · To ensure an effective stock control system is established and a register of assets is maintained. People Management · To assist in recruitment and to support a staff team with the appropriate skills, qualifications, experience and qualities, ensuring the Nursery is staffed to the required levels at all times. · To implement a programme of supervision and performance management and an appraisal system. · To agree developmental plans for each member of staff which support the further development of the Nursery · To manage staff sickness and absence in accordance with procedures. Quality Management · To be responsible for establishing and maintaining a safe acceptable standard of practice that meets OFSTED criteria. · To ensure quality standards, including the implementation of all relevant legislation, policies and procedures. · To equip the Nursery with suitable materials, that will enhance the Nursery environment. Managing Information · To produce reports and statistical information as required, maintaining high standards of accuracy and confidentiality in record-keeping. · To provide monthly reports to the Nursery Board. · To participate in the evaluation of the services offered at the Nursery. · To promote, attend and represent the Nursery at appropriate events, conferences, seminars and training. · To undertake any other task requested which is commensurate with this role and responsibility This Job description will be reviewed periodically in consultation with the Nursery Proprieter. WORKING CONDITIONS Physical Demands The Nursery Manager will have to spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle strain. The Nursery Manager may also have to do some light lifting of supplies and materials from time to time. Environmental Conditions The Nursery Manager may have to manage a number of projects at one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of clients and staff. The Nursery Manager may find the environment to be busy, noisy and will need excellent organisational and time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks. Sensory Demands Sensory demands include use of the computer, which may cause eyestrain and occasional headaches. The office may be noisy and busy making it difficult for the Nursery Manager to concentrate. Mental Demands The Nursery Manager will have to manage a number of requests and situations at one time. Stress may be caused by the need to complete tasks within tight deadlines.

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Global Social Care

Global Social Care Services will provide staff to residents/service user’s/ clients/ tenants who are living in their own homes or semi-independent or independent accommodation which may or may not be provided by Global Social Care Services.


Global Social Care has over 18 year’s vast amount of skills, experience and knowledge working with different client groups. The clientele ranges from vulnerable children, Looked after children (LAC), young adults and adults with learning and physical disabilities/difficulties, sensory difficulties and mental health. The service has qualified staff with a range of experiences. They have certified NVQ Level 2 & 3, Early Years Childcare Provider with OFSTED experiences and qualified Social Workers with the General Social Care Council GSCC.

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