On Call Administrator

Company:  Gentle Folk Community Care
Location: Banham
Salary: Negotionable
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description


The on-call administrator is responsible for coordinating the continuity of care to

service users within their own homes. To ensure the effective reallocation of

visits in the event of unauthorised absence and sickness, and liaising with, and

providing support to care workers. To deal with service user enquiries

professionally and within an appropriate time frame. At all times promoting the

reputation and ethos of the company.


To receive incoming calls from care workers and respond accordingly. Examples of

calls you may receive are as follows:

· Lateness – inform service users where appropriate.

· Sickness/unexpected absences – reallocate calls accordingly with consideration

to priority.

· Difficulty finding or accessing properties – advise accordingly.

· Service user not at home – attempt all points of contact with relatives and

appointed persons to obtain knowledge of whereabouts and expected return.

Advise other care workers accordingly.

· Service user concerns – In the instance relatives or appointed persons are not

aware, contact and advise accordingly. Update all relevant company logs I.e.,

Service user communication and falls register. Where there is an urgent concern

to health or welfare, contact relevant emergency services and other health

organisations. Where there are non-urgent health or welfare concerns, email

management to respond to during office hours accordingly.

· Death of a service user – Inform care worker to phone 999 and then contact a

member of management who will in turn attend to relieve or support the care


To receive incoming calls from service users and respond accordingly. Examples of calls

you may receive are as follows:

· Service user taken to hospital – advise other staff accordingly and send

amended rota’s where necessary.

· Service user returning from hospital – advise we do not accept weekend

discharges. Email management to inform, in order to reinstate visits accordingly

during office hours.

· Lateness – Make contact with the relevant care worker and respond to the

service user with an ETA.

· Health or welfare concerns – advise to contact Swifts/Night Owls, emergency

services or other health organisations.

· Complaints – unless there is an immediate risk to the service user, encourage them to make contact with management during office hours. · Cancelling visits – to inform the relevant care workers and send amended rota’s where necessary. To receive incoming calls from any other party and respond accordingly. Examples of calls you may receive are as follows: · New care package enquiries – provide the caller with appropriate office landline to leave a message or email addresses and advise these will be dealt with in office hours. · Any other miscellaneous calls received – where appropriate, provide the caller with appropriate office landline to leave a message or email addresses and advise these will be dealt with in office hours. To complete the on-call log with all relevant information of incoming calls: · Date and time call received. · Duration of call. · Caller ID. · Reason for call. · Actions taken to resolve. · Time spent resolving. · Persons involved. · To update the rota’s in reflection of any changes. I.e., Reallocation of visits, service user cancellations or hospital admissions, to assist the financial administrator in accurately invoicing and processing pay roll. · To ensure professional and effective level of customer care is maintained using a high standard of written and verbal communication. · To consistently promote a positive image of the company. · To keep up to date and maintain a good general knowledge of care standards and company policies and procedures to ensure compliance. · To keep up to date and maintain good general knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and OneDrive. · To maintain good working relationships with all colleagues including management and service users. · To complete any mandatory training as specified by management in line with that of what is required of care workers. · To undertake any other related or special tasks applicable to the post as required by the registered manager.

In the event of unexpected staff absence, you are expected to reallocate visits according to the following strategy:

1 – Contact carers in ‘white’ – prearranged availability to work.

2 – Reallocating work to carers currently scheduled to attend other visits – although there may not be availability at the correct time, the RAG rating can be implemented to distinguish which calls may be moved to later/earlier times to accommodate service users with higher needs at the required times.

3 – Contact carers in ‘grey’ – outside scheduled availability to work.

4 – Contact carers in ‘black’ – previously advised as unavailable, however, we understand circumstances may change at short notice.

5 – Consider your own personal availability to attend care visits. In the instance that you do attend care visits and have concerns about being contactable during this time, please make management aware.

6 – (Only in the event that work is still uncovered), contact members of management to request attendance to care visits.

7 - To implement the RAG rating and cancel appropriate visits. · All outgoing calls to members of staff in the event of attempting to reallocate visits, and the responses of each member of staff, are to be recorded in the on-call log. Including where applicable, your reasons for not being able to attend. · All service users whose visits are to be affected either by cancellation or discrepancy of time, are to be notified in order of priority as per the RAG rating. This is also to be noted on the on-call log. In order to support you, a member of management will provide you with a ‘handover’ by email on the last working day of the week with any relevant service user and staff updates. In return, you are expected to provide management with a comprehensive ‘handover’ on the first working day of each week, detailing any amendments to rotas from the relevant period and any service user updates. For ease of required action, we request that all non-urgent updates are included in this handover

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Gentle Folk Community Care

Personal care is a term we use to refer to supporting you with personal hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining your personal appearance.

Some personal care tasks include:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Medication administration*
  • Applying lotions and creams as required
  • Dressing and getting ready for bed
  • Oral hygiene
  • Support with shaving
  • Foot care, especially if you are diabetic need to be extra vigilant with your feet (not podiatry or nail cutting)
  • Helping you to the toilet, including using a commode or bed pan
  • Changing continence pads, along with cleaning intimate areas
  • Support moving position in bed, to stretch and prevent bed sores

Care assistants are trained to provide all aspects of personal care, yet there may be some things you’d prefer to do for yourself - let us know.  

* Some exceptions apply subject to individual medical needs

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