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What we do

We supply goods and services to the Professional Healthcare industry in the UK, but we do not offer products to the public.

We provide Online Appointment Booking Services for the Professional Healthcare Industry for our Patent Pending MULTI-MULTI© booking system. Patients can book on our MULTI-MULTI© Patent Pending Booking System and also make appointments to see Healthcare Professionals.

Who are our clients

Our clients include Doctors Clinics, Health Care Centres, Pharmacies as well as Medical Service providers.


The organisation comprises a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are qualified and experienced in their respective fields of expertise. Originally founded and conceived by PJ Brennan in 2015, he shared his vision and inspired others to join the concept and evolve it together. S Ratnesh heads the development effort.

This concept is a solution that you see today is a product of that teams contribution. Shaped over time by much research, feedback and of course the needs of the people that we ultimately serve.

The concept of providing healthcare and certain types of medicines is not new. However, we believe that its still in its infancy as an industry. We believe in the future, the market will discover ever increasingly innovative and better ways to serve people and target individuals tastes and needs while complying with the regulatory requirements that of course are always playing catch up to the more swiftly changing market environment.


We do not supply regulated or prescription products or medical services.

Medicines Online is not a prescription or regulated medicines processing provider. At this unique time in history, we focus on helping people in particular, where we believe they most need it.

We are an online portal of select in demand products to support the Professional Healthcare Industry to do their work and our MULTI-MULTI© online Appointment Booking Service where the people that we in the health care industry serve, can book appointments to our Healthcare clients with a range of locations for Vaccinations as well as Test Appointments.

Medicines Online is not a provider of COVID-19 Tests to the public. We are a booking and appointments system provider for the health care professionals who need everyones help and support at this time. Where we can assist, we will try to give our wonderful health professionals in Britain some of the tools and support to battle for us all.

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