Recruitment Headaches

Recruitment Headaches?

Recruiting in the healthcare market has its own trials and tribulations. You have people that don't turn up for interviews, applicants who don't respond when you try and get in touch and a huge lack a high-quality talent. How can you stop wasting time on unsuitable CVs and applicants who aren't genuinely interested?


Having a robust recruitment process is vital; some of these tips maybe obvious and second nature to some of you, however, reminders never hurt!


   1. Advertising 


Did you know that a large amount of recruitment traffic comes from mobile apps and mobile views on websites?

A long detailed advert you've descriptively put on online, now looks like a copy of war and peace on a mobile screen. Looking at it through the job seeker’s eyes; lengthy text can deter candidates from reading the advert as they want to get straight to the point.

  • Bullet points are clear a way to put things across in a quick and easy way
  • Having a clear format, will make adverts more clear and concise; job seekers will be able to easily dissect the role into its distinct parts:
  •    1) Introduction - Write a few sentences that describe your business and the role you’re advertising for.
  •    2) Objectives - Explain the opportunities being presented to the successful candidate; detail what team they will work in and what projects they’ll contribute to.
  •    3) Responsibilities - Outline what the role will entail and list the main responsibilities in detail.
  •    4) Requirements - Include any qualifications, industry background, level of experience or even soft skills that are required.
  •    5) Benefits - Outline any great benefits that the candidate would receive when they work with you!
  •    2. Administration
  • You must have a clear and systematic way of contacting applicants you're interested in speaking to, even if they don't get back to you the first time.
  • When a lot of Care Home owners and Registered Managers receive an application, a call and email will be put into the candidate. When this candidate doesn't get back to them, the owners/managers presume they are not interested but a lot of time this is not the case.
  • Let's imagine you're trying to get hold of Jane as she applied for your role, Jane works shifts.  She was busy working when you called and is not tech-savvy so won't have checked her junk email to see your email. This does this mean she's not interested in working for you? Create a systematic approach to repeatedly trying to contact the candidate over at least two weeks; this will give you a better chance of discussing their application.


     3. Feedback and getting back to candidates


Things can get very busy for someone like yourself. You may take a few days to catch up with the relevant person to get agreement on hiring somebody following an interview. Healthcare is candidate-driven; unfortunately, they sit in the driver’s seat because they may have four interviews next week, if you are interested in a candidate, get them on board asap.


With the above in mind, utilizing the services of HealthJobs4U will undoubtedly improve the returns on your recruitment efforts. In turn this should speed up your recruitment processes and save you money.

If you’re interested in having a chat about your recruitment headaches and how we can improve your recruitment strategy please feel free to get in touch with us on 0121 314 5003.



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