Mind the Gap - CV Tips

Mind the Gap - CV Tips



Your CV has a gap. But you have a reason. You had to take care of someone that was sick. Maybe you were sick. Or burnt out. You had to raise your kids. Your company was unethical, and it took all of your willpower to not roundhouse kick your boss.


Your gap has a story..... You figure “I’ll be able to explain it in an interview.” Or “ I’ll mention it in a cover letter.” You know what a recruiter sees when your CV has a gap?

RED FLAG. That you weren’t working. You couldn’t find a job, you’ve bumped into the 2nd maybe 3rd tier of candidates, or being rejected. You can’t explain it in an interview if you aren’t given a chance.

If it’s an online application, you may not have a cover letter option, my advice? Put it on your CV, for years I’ve always suggested you explain the gaps in the work history so the person reviewing sees the whole picture, and you do not give them the chance to assume because you know what they say when people assume.....


For example;

*Cared For ill Family Member, Give Dates

*Raised Children, Give Dates

*Sabbatical (don’t mention the roundhouse kicks), Give Dates

*Along with a brief summary explaining the situation. The gap won’t be immediately noticed.


Instead, it will be fully read and digested along with the rest of your experience. And hopefully understood. The worst thing for job applicants is for assumptions to be made (remember what I said).


Proactively answer the questions before they’re answered for you.


If you would like any help or further advice on writing your CV please get in touch with me directly on info@healthjobs4u.com

We also offer a fully customisable CV template which is free of Charge to any candidate to help structure your CV accordingly.

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