The Autumnal Change

That last bit of the sun might signal the end of Summer holidays and lethargic days spent lounging in the heat, but there is always opportunity to be found in the inevitable changes of Autumn. The Sun sits a little lower in the sky, and the wind has seemed to change direction and the temperature is starting to slowly decline. The days are shorter, yet the pace of life seems just as animated. As the Autumn buzz settles into the air, maybe it’s time to inject your job search with more energy and explore new avenues for your future career.


An Autumnal Start

Autumn’s arrival is not just changing the weather, but as a consequence of our modern lifestyles, it’s changing the way we work and recruit. Now that the Summer holidays are well and truly over, Hiring-managers are back, fresh with new ideas and drive to get the right team around them for the winter months. September and October tend to deliver the most successful job matches after the obvious New Year surge...(New Year New Me), but there are benefits to finding your dream nursing or care role now, rather than waiting until January.

Aside from the obvious benefits to starting a role earlier rather than later, Autumn recruits often find that being settled in a new position before Christmas alleviates the pressure of career progression that arises for many as the year comes to a close. Similarly, recruiters enjoy having new staff settled before the New Year, to assist with the foreseeable influx of new staff in January.

If you’re willing to help, being open to new challenges in your Autumn-starting role could make the New Year a great time for you and your career. Since you’ll have been in your post three months already, this is your time to shine, while others around you are just getting started.


Demands of Autumn

Nursing staff are in high demand year-round, but employing Autumn staff is particularly helpful in care home environments. As more people become vulnerable as the temperatures start to drop, the number of individuals moving into assisted communities only rises. With the increased number of residents at this time of year, the demand for nurses in Autumn has never been higher, both in day-to-day tasks and frequent medical intervention. Beginning this level of personal care as the leaves are falling offers the best opportunity for a growing level of trust between nurses and patients, which is vital during the busy festive period.

Although every effort is made to make Christmas in nursing care homes as relaxed as possible, December can be somewhat stressful. The best nurses not only assist with daily activities, but they become familiar faces, who are skilled to monitor the conditions of individuals in their care. When Christmas Day morning arrives, residents can confidently greet their families and loved ones with the help, care, and reassurance they need, delivered by nurses they know and trust.

If you are finding yourself aching for change, it really isn’t just the weather. Autumn is a great time look for a new role and submit your application, as we are inundated with roles for nurses and healthcare professionals like you. Let us get your career into full-swing, and get in touch today.


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