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Belfast boasts one of the friendliest populations and a great opportunity to start or expand your career in health care jobs. In fact there are many opportunities to experience a quality of life and community in Belfast that is not always readily apparent. aside from the normal hospitals, GP practices and other outlets for health care jobs, Belfast offers a lot besides. Originally named Béal Feirste which is the largest city in Northern Island, the literal explanation meant, 'mouth of the sand-bank ford' which in a way, says it all about this idyllically beautiful Northern Irish city. There is a lot to love about living and working in this place, as aside from the amount of health care job opportunities, it includes a significant history of ship building, including the Titanic of course, but also the worlds largest Linen producing base globally. There has been many troubles over the years politically and even during the second world war, the loss of life in Belfast was second only to London in the UK during the Blitz. The injuries sustained required significant medical resource and fortitude which continues to this very day, with some of the very best hospitals and healthcare in the UK available. Of course, running and funding institutions like the NHS has and will always be expensive and at times troublesome, but all in all, there are great opportunities for jobs in the health care system in Belfast. Whether this is working in the private sector in the care system, or working within busy or even rural GP practices, or indeed the hospitals in the area, there are huge opportunities for employment within Belfast and the surrounding areas. Simply apply online for the very best healthcare jobs in Belfast easily with a few clicks.

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