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Cardiff Homecare Services

Our Philosophy

Health Care support staff will constantly  preserve and maintain your dignity, individuality and your privacy.


All our staff will always be sensitive to service users continually changing needs, and will monitor  any changes that may be  due to, Physical, Emotional, Physiological and even social.


Service users are encouraged within their capability's to always be an integral part of their local community.


We also encourage Service Users to participate and plan their own Person Centred Care  Plan, we would also encourage family to engage in the drawing up of the to take into account all aspects of the service users needs . 


Core Values of Care

Privacy, Dignity, Rights, Independence, Choice & Fulfilment

All employees will be appropriately qualified to deliver the highest standards of care. A continuous staff-training programme is implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in Care Practices as may be laid down in appropriate Legislation, Regulations and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate of Wales. C.S.S.I.W.

You’re Charter of Rights

We respect the right of each client to lead as independent and fulfilling life as possible. We have set out a Client’s Charter of Rights, which we believe should be the minimum entitlement for each client. We want to make a difference to our client’s lives and we work with them to help them achieve the changes that they need to enhance their quality of life. Our Care Staff are sensitive to, and will observe, the following standards which we have identified:

  • It is the right of each client to make informed choices and to take risks; there is a certain amount of risk associated with each aspect of our lives.
  • Each client is an individual with individual needs, wants and desires. This individuality will be recognised and respected to ensure promotion and maintenance of the client’s dignity and self-worth.
  • Each client, as an individual, has the right to fulfil his/her potential for personal choice of lifestyle and opportunities.
  • Each client has the right to a Care Service that does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, disability or impairments, marital status, parenthood, sexual gender or sexual orientation.

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