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The West of England Friends Housing Society


If you are thinking of moving to a place where you can have the support and company you need as you get older, seek temporary respite care or would like to try living in a residential community for a while to see if it suits you …

The West of England Friends Housing Society, better known as Friends Housing Bristol, is open to everyone and welcomes people of any, or no, religious faith. We aim to make our houses feel like real homes. We were founded by Quakers over 50 years ago and have a continuing reputation for providing respectful and supportive care at an affordable rate.

Everybody who comes to live at Friends Housing Bristol can be sure that they will be valued as a unique person. We will do everything we can to respect your wishes, dignity, privacy and independence. We understand that living in a community sometimes means a degree of compromise, and we combine friendly informality with high standards of personal care and consideration.

We have three adjacent houses in Cotham Park North. Avenue House is a residential care home, Kirwin House offers supported housing, and Lansdowne House has independent flats. Since they are next door to each other they form an integrated care community.

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