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Welcome to Select Support Partnerships

Select Support Partnerships have aspirations to become recognised as one of the leading independent providers of health and social care in the UK. We are committed to working in total collaborative partnership with the NHS, Local Authority and the voluntary sector to improve the lives of the people who use our services.

We are passionate about making a difference to lives of the people we support and working collaboratively with our service users to support them to acquire new skills, develop a sense of improved confidence, and understand the meaning of being valued as an individual.

Our recovery programme is person centred and outcome measurable; based on the Recovery Model and uses several standardised measures including the Recovery Star as a tool for people using the service to measure their own progress, and WRAPs (Wellness Recovery Action Plans).  A large focus of our work is around promoting relapse prevention strategies, including; activities of daily living and life skills, developing social and family networks, involvement in education and employment, medication management, and understanding and avoiding risk.

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