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About Greensleeves Care

Greensleeves CareGreensleeves Care is one of the most respected care charities in the United Kingdom.  We provide exceptional 24-hour Nursing Care, Specialist Dementia Care and Residential Support to older people across England. We have more than 20 care homes and more than 20 years’ experience of delivering exceptional care, and are really excited about the next 20 years.

Greensleeves Care has maintained a number of principles over our history that we have never wavered from. We never forget we are guests in our residents’ home and we consider ourselves to be privileged to share those homes with them. Everyone at Greensleeves lives by this ethos. It empowers our residents to influence and drive the decisions that impact their lives.

People matter

We know that recruiting and retaining the best people is one of the most important elements of having a great care home.  That is why we focus so much effort on it. We pay staff more than our competitors, we strive for a better work-life balance and we listen to what our teams say. In short, we look after the amazing people that work for us the best way we possibly can. Because we know that if we do, they will look after our residents the best way they can.

Getting the care right

Greensleeves CareOlder people only move into residential homes because they need support and help, so we must get this right. Our loving, caring and kind teams deliver the type of care that make the world feel better about getting old. Our staffing ratios are better than most other homes because we do not need to make huge profits to keep shareholders happy.

Greensleeves Care is a charity and this makes so many differences that can really be felt and touched. We know the day before somebody moves into one of our care homes they can almost manage. So the day after they move in we do not do everything for them because it is easy for us. Moving into a Greensleeves Care home will prolong and maintain your independence, not reduce and damage it. We give you as much support as you need to do things for yourself because that is how people want to live.

Our care homes

Greensleeves Care homes come in many shapes and sizes; there is no one type of building or look.  One thing that binds them all together and lets you know you are in a Greensleeves Care home is the friendship – this is a palpable and genuine feeling that you get as a staff member, visitor or resident. While many may use similar words, you can rely on the fact that Greensleeves Care delivers on its promise to care, day in and day out. We invite you to find out more about us on this website and if you are simply curious about care for yourself or an elderly relative, do please get in touch with us.

After all, it is always good to make new friends!

To see which of our homes is nearest to you please visit Greensleeves Care locations.

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