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The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group was founded in 2009 with a vision of becoming the leading provider of high quality home care services that enable people to live well in their home for longer and avoid the stress of moving into a residential care home.  The motivation behind establishing The Good Care Group came from a mix of personal experience in searching for care for relatives and realisation that there were very few home care providers delivering a truly high quality service. The founders' ambition was to establish an organisation that was able to drive up standards, professionalise home care and lead the way in the care sector.

The Good Care Group’s first office opened in London in 2009. In 2012 home care services were launched in Edinburgh, Scotland.  In 2014 we established local hubs in Surrey and Kent, although our home care services are available throughout England and Scotland, they are delivered on a local basis through the regional care teams. 

In 2017 we continued to grow our team and establishing our presence with local hubs in Hampshire, North West and the South West of England. 

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