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Rushymead Action Against Corona Virus



At Rushymead, we have long established, as standard, infection control precautions against the transmission of infectious agents from identified and unidentified sources of infection. These include blood, body fluids, mucous membranes or non-intact skin plus paraphernalia that may have become contaminated. The way my staff and I go about this is by evaluation of any threat to and from every person in Rushymead including the scale of contact and probable scale of exposure to a source or sources of infection. This is not just for our residents’ and staff safety but also for visitors under normal operations. 


On top of routine evaluation for risk of infection and managing vulnerability, personal hygiene is of prime importance at Rushymead. This plus the use of personal protective equipment, approved hand washing techniques, safe handling of paraphernalia and the whole care environment has over the years enabled us to check and swiftly eliminate any outbreak.


Current Measures


We started appointment visit bookings by phone from 29th June 2020, which are for half an hour, with all infection control guidelines i.e face coverings and social distancing in place. Visitors are set to seat outside while the residents seat inside; in the reception area. On top of our set standard, we are following the current guidelines from the government and Public Health England in relation to COVID-19. Please call   

My staff, of whom I’m very proud, keep working exceptionally hard during this difficult time adapting to our further improved and updated standards germane to COVID-19. Any resident or staff that should show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated as per NHS guidelines. 


We have 20 acres of beautiful grounds at Rushymead and, weather permitting, we always take full advantage by taking our residents out for a walk. So, they are never confined indoors unless they so wish. 


In case you or someone else needs care or just to get in touch, please click here. Emails have been sent out to all families advising them of the availability to Skype so they are able to keep in touch with their loved ones.


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation at this unprecedented time.


Stay Safe and Stay Home.


Bev Sturges


Rushymead Residential Care Home


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