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The Entrust Healthcare team are specifically coached staff with a strong understanding of the European Healthcare market and can operate in a highly responsive manner in accessing relevant talent. With a strong sector understanding and a partnership approach to working with our clients we provide a range of resourcing solutions including Staff Contracting, Recruitment Outsourcing, Direct Hiring, Executive Search and Insourcing. We provide a flexible and agile business model that works around the sector’s needs and have access to UK wide professionals.
As experts in the healthcare sector, we understand the challenges surrounding skills shortages in the industry as well as those relating to temporary/ contract work and short tenures.  We understand our clients’ need to avoid over recruiting and provide them with support and advice to ensure this is managed well through our understanding of the resourcing objectives within the healthcare industry.  We commit to providing professional staff with up to date training through our access points across the sector and peace of mind throughout the process.
With experience in the healthcare sector, we understand the impact of short term contracts and being able to maintain skills levels in the industry. We are therefore able to offer fast placements for our candidates in roles that are relevant to their capabilities and provide a strong support network for their career progression and training. By providing support and peace of mind around relocation we share our insight into this high growth sector to engender a trusted relationship with candidates that gives advice around the process as well as ensuring candidates feel engaged throughout their own recruitment journey.
Why work with us?
We work with a wide range of clients throughout the Health, Social Care & Social Housing sectors right across the UK. We work closely with clients to ensure that individuals and teams are the right fit for the roles they are being placed in and provide fast access to market talent through a consultative and partnership approach with our clients.

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  • Tel: 01224 907990
  • Address: Third Floor Victoria House, 259 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6BR
  • Website: www.entrustpeople.co.uk